Welcome to Alexander's website !

I like to play chess.


Do you like to play chess

do you know how to play chess

chess is my favorite game

do you know how chess is played?

I played soccer today

I played chess today

CHESS! is fun to play

chess is good

chess is like icecream


this is the chess song

my chess is good

chess see what's happening here

your chess to chess and is strange

you don't even know how you chess

it's chess!

well,it's nice to see that chess never change

open your chess, lets begin

yes, it's really me it's chess,breathe it chess

I know it's a chess,the chess,the chess

when your staring at a demichess

what can I say except,you're chess

for the chess the chess the chess

hey,it's okay,it's okay

you're chess

I'm just a ordinary demichess


who has two chess that were pulled from the sky

when you were waddling yay high,THIS CHESS

when the chess got cold you stole chess from down below